This is going to be awesome. The Taylor Swift Show! Send in your audition video of you:
-Or Talent related stuff

Email us at with your audition videos. Your auditions can qualify to up to two options (Singing, acting, comedy, talent). Your practice sheets are below. 

SINGING: Sing the song "Begin Again" by Taylor. It will test how your voice can flex, and it will be the song you will be singing. If you know how to play guitar and piano to it, that'd be greatly appreciated.

ACTING: There's a mini play in it, the acting of Begin Again. There are four parts. Just imagine what they would say for now.
Taylor - Acting and singing
Taylor's old boyfriend - Little acting
Taylor's new boyfriend - Acting
Restaurant Waiter/Waitress - Acting

COMEDY: Any comedy at all :)

TALENT & OTHER: Show your talent! Anything from instruments to juggling!

It doesn't matter where you are. This is gonna be awesome. 

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